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Grade Three
How can matter be measured?

Matter can exist in different states - liquids, solids, and gases. We use many different tools to measure the properties of matter. Use these web pages to find answers to your questions.

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Description: This site has two excellent exploration activities. There is also a link entitled Astronauts Living in Space, on which students can access aerospace scientists' biographies and descriptions of career options.
URL: https://www.nasa.gov/audience/forkids/kidsclub/flash/in ...

Title: Looping the Loop
Description: In this roller coaster ride, Digger and his friends learn about magnets and the properties of some materials.
URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/digger/7_9entry/8.shtml

Title: Measure It!
Description: FunBrain will show you a ruler with a red bar above it. Click on the length of the red bar and see if your answer is correct. This online quiz can be taken using centimeters or inches and has various levels of difficulty.
URL: https://www.funbrain.com/games/measure-it

Title: Liquid Rainbow
Description: Can you create a rainbow pattern of colors in a test tube?
URL: http://www.sciencenter.org/chemistry/

Title: Characteristics of Materials
Description: Learn about the Characteristics of different materials as you work you way through this site.
URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/7_8/char ...

Title: Reversible and Irreversible Changes
Description: Move the items into the beaker and see what happens when you stir. Try the quiz when you're done with the experiment
URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/10_11/re ...

Title: Measure Teddy
Description: Measure Teddy. If you get the correct answer, an animation will play!
URL: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/measure.html

Title: Ice Cream Shake
Description: Turn a liquid into a solid with this ice cream making activity. The best part? You can eat your results!
URL: http://www.pbs.org/parents/fetch/activities/act/act-ice ...

Title: Grouping & Graphing – PBS Curious George Activity Guide
Description: In this interactive game, kids estimate the height of an object using a variety of non-standard units of measure—tires, for example. Children practice counting and testing a simple hypothesis.
URL: http://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/games/how_tall/how_tal ...

Title: The Moon
Description: This page gives students and teachers information on the Moon. It contains links to resources, missions, and lunar facts.
URL: https://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/planets/moonpage. ...

Title: Finding the Mass of an Object
Description: Here you will find how to determine the mass of an object using a triple-beam balance.
URL: http://www.edinformatics.com/math_science/mass.htm

Title: Reading Comprehension: Properties and Changes
Description: Test your knowledge to see how much you know about matter!
URL: https://education.jlab.org/reading/properties_and_chang ...

Title: Using a Ruler to Measure (inches)
Description: This is an easy assessment or practice using inches can be found on this page! The answer key is provided.
URL: https://www.abcteach.com/samples/math.pdf

Title: Glitter Globe
Description: Make something that is pretty and fun to play with. Experiment with liquids that do not mix, watch them flow and learn about polar and nonpolar molecules.
URL: http://www.exploratorium.edu/science_explorer/glitter.h ...

Title: Melting Points
Description: What happens when you heat different substances? At what temperature does chocolate melt? Find out with this fun chemistry game.
URL: http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/gamesactivities/meltingpoi ...

Title: Make a Groovy Lava Lamp
Description: Use several household items to learn about the characteristics of different substances and see how they interact with each other.
URL: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/science/mak ...

Title: Liquids
Description: Click here to learn the characteristics of liquids and why liquids are known as the “in–between” state of matter.
URL: http://www.chem4kids.com/files/matter_liquid.html

Title: States of Matter
Description: Did you know there are four state of matter? This page defines each state of matter and discusses how compounds can move from one phase to another when special physical forces are present.
URL: http://www.chem4kids.com/files/matter_states.html

Title: Changes in Matter
Description: How can you force a physical change in matter? Make some mystery matter and do experiments with it. Based on your observations, make conclusion about the state of your matter.
URL: http://teacher.scholastic.com/dirt/matter/lab.htm

Title: Rain Gauge
Description: Design your own rain gauge and accurately measure the amount of rain that falls during both light and heavy showers.
URL: http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/projects/raingauge.html

Title: Going Places: Measuring and Mapping
Description: Going Places: Measuring and Mapping engages students in activities that use Measurement and Geometry. Students connect what they see and do each day with practical uses of mathematics.
URL: http://illuminations.nctm.org/LessonDetail.aspx?ID=U49

Title: Keeping in Balance
Description: This is a PreK-2 lesson from NCTM that allows a student to explore how a balance works using everyday materials. It is solidly based in an Inquiry format allowing students to formulate their own method of testing a balance and then answering the question
URL: http://illuminations.nctm.org/Lesson.aspx?id=788

Title: Physical Change Activities
Description: This page by the American Chemical Society contains links to 33 lessons on physical change. Click on an activity for complete instructions and printable worksheets.
URL: http://www.inquiryinaction.org/classroomactivities/topi ...

Title: Earth and Moon
Description: The page has various activities regarding the Moon and Earth and gives extensive facts about the Moon. There is a page dedicated to the Apollo astronauts and an explanation of what protected them from meteoroids while they were on the Moon.
URL: https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/en/kids/cs_earth.shtml

Title: Area and Volume
Description: Students often need hand-on activities to understand area and volume. This activity will allow for different learning modalities.
URL: http://mathforum.org/paths/measurement/av.html

Title: Dirtmeister's Science Lab on Matter
Description: Students create colloidal suspensions in the lab.
URL: https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/lesson-plans/teachi ...

Title: Matter Vocaculary Lists
Description: Looking for matter vocabulary lists? Click here for an amazing spelling and vocabulary tool from Spelling City! Tests, flash cards, printables and a multitude of interactive games await you. Scroll down for an overview, then use the menu on the right to navigate to a specific grade level.
URL: http://www.spellingcity.com/matter.html

Title: Hot and Cold Colors
Description: How does temperature effect the dispersal of color? Try this activity and find out. It includes assessments, extensions, and links to other resources.
URL: http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/hot-and-cold-colors/

Title: Math Cats Balance
Description: In this page there is an interactive balance that allows students to explore how a balance works and how moving the fulcrum will affect how the balance reads. The main characters are a skinny cat and a fat cat and how they related on the balance.
URL: http://www.mathcats.com/explore/balance/balance.html

Title: Exploring the
Description: Play with this unknown substance and chart its various properties.
URL: https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/lesson-plans/teachi ...

Title: Convection Connection
Description: This is a 27-page activity guide that covers an overview of convection, density, heat, air pressure, buoyancy, and convection in the atmosphere, the ocean, and Earth's mantle.
URL: http://sciencediscovery.colorado.edu/wp-content/uploads ...

Title: Properites of Matter Unit
Description: This is a page by a middle school science teacher on the properties of matter. It contains unit starters, unit assignments, and printable worksheets.
URL: http://chburrellscience.weebly.com/properties-of-matter ...

Title: Science Rocks - Water Density
Description: This easy to follow experiment on water density will be a hit with your students and makes a great science fair project. E-mail the results and ZOOM will post them!
URL: http://pbskids.org/zoom/activities/sci/

Title: Science Projects for Kids: States of Matter
Description: Investigate states of matter with these eight science projects.
URL: https://lifestyle.howstuffworks.com/crafts/other-arts-c ...

Title: Estimation and Measurement
Description: In this activity, students learn how to estimate using unconventional units of measurement.
URL: http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/estimation-and-measu ...

Title: Teacher Page:Reaping Rocks
Description: Help your students gain a better understanding of lunar rocks by first collecting and investigating Earth’s rocks.
URL: http://www.spacegrant.hawaii.edu/class_acts/RRocksTe.ht ...

Title: As a Matter of Fact
URL: http://mypages.iit.edu/~smile/ch9704.html

Title: States of Matter for Gr. K-8
Description: Students observe and classify matter.
URL: http://mypages.iit.edu/~smile/ch9525.html

Title: What is Matter
Description: Let the Dirtmeister explain matter to you and provide some examples of how it changes form. Don't forget to try the science lab.
URL: http://teacher.scholastic.com/dirt/matter/whatmat.htm

Title: Under Pressure: Boiling Water
Description: Is the boiling point of water the same everywhere? Find out with this investigation. When your observations are complete, submit your results and compare your findings with those of others around the world.
URL: http://astro.uchicago.edu/cara/southpole.edu/boil.html

Title: Some Printable Paper Rulers
Description: Use these printable rulers for students to take home or keep in their science notebooks. The rulers come in various styles, including a one-foot ruler marked with centimeters and inches, color square rules with inches and centimeters marked as squares of color, and even rulers with no markings on them.
URL: http://www.vendian.org/mncharity/dir3/paper_rulers/

Title: Strange Matter
Description: Discover the secrets of everyday stuff. Go inside a soda can to discover what it is made of. Transform Stuff allows you to transfer raw materials into new stuff. Predict which material will win in the Materials Smackdown!
URL: http://www.strangematterexhibit.com/index.html

Title: My Dissolving Experiment
Description: Use this page as a guide to help you set up an experiment that tests which of four materials are soluble and which are not.
URL: http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/science/dissolving.ht ...

Title: Change It!
Description: Can you identify characteristics of a physical change?
URL: http://gk-12.osu.edu/Lessons/4th Grade/Change It matter ...

Title: Discovering Lab Equipment
Description: Use this straightforward activity to introduce students to rulers, balances, beakers and graduated cylinders and what each does. The worksheet is available on page 7 at http://www.msnucleus.org/membership/html/k-6/as/pdf/as3w.pdf.
URL: http://www.msnucleus.org/membership/html/k-6/as/scimath ...

Title: Test Density with a Supersaturated Solution
Description: Do freshwater and saltwater mix? Find out in this experiment.
URL: https://www.amnh.org/ology/features/stufftodo_marine/sa ...

Title: What's the Matter With That Cup?
Description: Which restaurant cup gives you the most for your dollar? Find out with this measurement activity that has students measuring the volume, circumference and height of fast food cups.
URL: http://www.beaconlearningcenter.com/lessons/lesson.asp? ...