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When I click on a link, the new browser window is too small. Can I resize it and move it? Yes: grab any edge of the browser window by moving the mouse pointer over it, pressing the mouse button, and holding it down; now drag the edge to make the window larger or smaller. If you grab the lower right corner of the window, you can move the right and bottom edges at the same time.

To move the whole window, click in the colored bar at the top of the window and, keeping the button down, drag the window to where you want it.

You can maximize the new window to fill your entire screen by clicking on the middle button at the upper right of the window; but we recommend that you resize the window, leaving some of the sciLINKS window visible. This will remind you to close the second window when you’re done. (Having multiple browser windows uses up more of your computer’s resources. If you have too many browser windows—or other applications—open, you may find your computer behaving oddly, or processing requests more slowly; it may even lock up.)


I have a question that’s not covered here … Send your question to If you are having a problem getting sciLINKS to work correctly, please be sure to tell us which browser you are using (including the version number) and your operating system (e.g., Windows 95, 98, Macintosh OS 7).



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